The Cragsted engine production building houses a number of state of the art equipment. Each machine is operated by a certified specialist with years of knowledge and experience to ensure that the best outcomes are met for our clients.

Superflow Dynamometer

The engine dyno at Cragsted is the workhorse of our specialist equipment. Every performance engine passing through our shop gets a before and after rebuild dyno. The before dyno quantifies the condition of the engine and is useful for identifying specific faults. The after dyno confirms the engine operation and expected performance levels.

Features of our dyno include ten lambdas for individual cylinder tuning, oil flow meter, blow-by meter, fuel and air flow meters and an array of additional sensors to get the best performance when dyno tuning the engine.


The strength of the engine dyno is the ability to tune an engine accurately and remove the guesswork from this job, whether it is an EFI or carburetor engine. We do a lot of engine dyno tuning, specializing in Electronic Engine Management.

Dyno Dyno


Cragsted Race Engines has one of only five Spintron machines in the country. A Spintron is a dedicated machine that is used to test valve train components and operation in an engine. A specially modified block is used and the Spintron drives the valve train within the engine block.

The laser valve-tracking sensor profiles the operation of the valve relative to the Cam, and from this data we can determine faults and efficiencies with the whole valve train. In so doing, optimizing spring requirements, lash, push rod size and valve train geometry becomes scientifically accurate.

Apart from valve train optimization, the Spintron can be used for cycle (reliability) testing where by track engine RPM data can be used to run 'laps' on the engine valve train. This data can be from any track and replayed to the engine so it simulates engine operation on that racetrack.

We have recently completed 2000kms of Bathurst racetrack to test a new rocker base we have designed and manufactured in house for the Ford D3 Supercar cylinder head. Our Spintron will give you the edge over most of your competitors in reliability and valve train design.

Spintron Spintron Spintron

Crack Tester

In striving to provide the best outcomes for our products we have a new state of the art magnetic particle crack tester. This, along with UV testing, allows us to keep near perfect quality control on stressed parts and also contributes to minimising turn around time on our engine rebuilds.

Crack Tester Crack Tester


To optimise power gains we air flow all cylinder heads on our "Superflow 1020" flow bench before and after we service or modify the head. The airflow bench has been critical in the design and development of our current performance cylinder heads and has been used extensively on the development of our CNC inlet manifolds.

Flowbench Flowbench

Valve Spring and Cam Testing

Apart from the Spintron, which is for dynamic testing, we use our computerized valve spring tester and Cam Pro II to accurately measure valve springs and cams to confirm that they are within specification. This applies to both new and old components, allowing us to monitor any wear that occurs over the parts service life.