At Cragsted we are geared to service the professional racer and the amateur who takes a professional approach to their motor racing. We have many years experience running engine maintenance and development programs for multi-vehicle and single vehicle teams. Apart from engine rebuilds these programs include both physical development as well as R&D for technical improvements.

Race Engine Rebuild and Maintenance

All our engines are built in our dedicated air-conditioned engine room. This is a spotlessly clean environment where we can monitor and control quality of our rebuilds to the highest degree. This in combination with our engine dyno allows us to send an engine out of the shop well built and test run to the highest standards.

In consultation with the customer, we are able to provide service maintenance for a race engine that will suit it's type and use. In some cases this could include track support.

Research and Development

Our Rsearch and Development makes use of our thorough array of specialist equipment and we can tailor a program to the customer's requirements. This R&D program can be either done entirely with us; or individually on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the client. By utilising our in-house expertise we can introduce improvements into a competitors race vehicle over a period of time

Machining Services

We do all our own machining for our engine rebuilds within our machine shop area. The backbone of this work is our HAAS CNC mill. We use this machine extensively to prepare complicated custom pieces as well as multiple items for our own and external customers. This service is available to customers outside of an engine-building program.

Electronics In Motor Racing

For over fifteen years Cragsted Race Engines has been at the for-front of custom electronic engine management. We are well versed in the installation, operation and tuning of EEM systems whether they be after market or factory. The tuning of an EEM can be achieved to a fine tolerance on our Superflow dyno, ensuring optimum performance. We also have wide ranging knowledge of data acquisition systems used in motor racing activities, which can be utilized by our customer.

Component Life Program

Cragsted Race Engines's race engine development plan uses a comprehensive part lifing program to accurately track engine component wear. This not only tracks kilometers but also the engine revolutions applicable to each component. This allows us to accurately monitor all parts and assists in delivering a more reliable and cost efficient product.

Lease Engines

Cragsted Race Engines currently has two Ford V8s racing engines available for lease. These engine are EFI and in a configuration compatible with performance levels suitable for V8 Supercar. They may also be usable for other classes running a Super Sedan like motor vehicle.