• Cragsted Race Engines V8 Ute Series Tender

    The Yokohama V8 Ute Racing Series has taken a major step forward in cost and eligibility control by appointing Queensland based engineer Craig Hasted as the 'control engine builder' for all Ford and Holden Utes that race in the series.

    The contract was effective from May 2009 with the aim that at the beginning of the 2010 series, all engines will have been built, sealed and provided by Cragsted.

    As part of implementing the category's sustainability strategy, the V8 Ute Board has undertaken an extensive search to find a qualified engine builder who can help deliver cost savings without loss of performance, and tighten the eligibility requirements.

    Following a formal tender process - Cragsted's facilities, capability, experience, service, preparedness to work with the category and value for money resulted in the Company being awarded the contract.

    V8 Ute Chairman, David McCowatt says, "I am confident that this decision is the best option for the Category, Shareholders and Competitors alike whilst we continue to focus on reducing the cost of competition and tighten eligibility control. The concept was unanimously endorsed by our Board and our shareholders through their elected technical representatives, Andrew Miedecke representing Ford entrants and Steve Hodges Holden."

    Over the past 17 years, Cragsted has been successful in preparing engines for Steve Ellery Racing, Paul Weel Racing and WPS Racing. More recently, customers have included Porsche Carrera Cup competitors.

    "We have studied the dyno figures of each ute and believe we can get all engines within a 2% tolerance in terms of torque and horsepower. We have all the facilities in house to rebuild the engines at a cost substantially less than what teams are paying now, plus Cragsted will offer a warranty and spare engines for both Ford and Holden at each round," explained Craig Hasted. "This is an exciting move for the category and will no doubt result in closer racing, less eligibility issues and above all, cheaper racing."

    V8 Ute Technical Director Alan Pitt will work with Cragsted on the changeover process.

    ""All engines will be rebuilt, dynoed with the race ECU, loom, fuel rail and injectors then all components individually sealed before the engine is returned with dyno sheet to the competitor. At any time, we can send a Ute engine back to Cragsted for further dyno runs to check on eligibility,"" Pitt explained. "Together with new testing restriction rules, which will prevent any team from testing on any specific track till after the Championship round is conducted, the control engine changes will help significantly reduce the competitor's costs."